Disconnection and cancellation policy

Except as otherwise expressly stated in writing by PartyPoker.net, the following terms and conditions set forth the rules and procedures that govern all players' rights in the event of a disconnection and their abilities to use all-ins:

1. If for any reason a player loses his/her connection, play will continue. Blinds and antes will continue to be posted automatically. A player should log back on as soon as possible to continue play.

2. Players will be blinded/anteed out of a tournament if they do not reconnect.

3. Players MUST accept the risk of disconnections - they can and do occur. (Log back on and continue play as quickly as possible.) To limit the potential of disconnection, please consult your ISP to determine what measures can be initiated to help reduce this risk. At no time will PartyPoker.net assume responsibility for disconnected players regardless of the cause.

4. If a player is disconnected during the play of a hand, they will be deemed "All-in" (and can win whatever is in the pot at the time they were disconnected).

5. Our software is designed to detect whether a player has experienced a genuine disconnection before awarding the all-in protection. If a player tries to get all-in protection by simply not acting on his/her turn and getting "timed out", he/she is deemed to have 'Folded'.

6. PartyPoker.net strives to offer the best all-in protection to our players. Our goal is to protect players who are accidentally disconnected, while also maintaining appropriate checks so that the protection might not be misused.

7. PartyPoker.net reserves the right to render final decisions on all matters herein at its sole discretion. Decisions will be communicated accordingly via PartyPoker.net via electronic and/or written means.

8. Each player will be refunded the exact amount of chips they had bought in when they took the seat at the table in both active games and tournaments. This is done because we do not record ALL play money hand information.

January 20, 2004