Multi-table tournaments are the most popular tournaments in the world today. They provide players the opportunity to invest a little and win a lot.

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In actual tournaments there an entry fee is charged by the House, to keep the learning as realistic as possible we have introduced a system of collecting entrance charge in chips:

  • 10/1
  • 20/2
  • 30/3
  • 50/5
  • 100/9
  • 200/15
  • 300/20

General procedures/format

The following procedures, format and rules applies to all Multi-Table Tournaments.

  • Players MUST register in advance to play. (Registration typically ends 15 minutes prior to the start of the Tournament.) Go to the Lobby, click Tournaments, click the Multi-table tab, select the Tournament you wish to play, and then click the Register tab.
  • You pay your buy-in/chareg in chips when you Register.
  • Tournaments begin on time and players will be blinded off if they are not there.
  • All seats are randomly assigned.
  • You may be allowed to "unregister" for a tournament while registrations are open.
  • Currently the following level timings are followed
    • Semi-final Tournament Level 1 - 9 = 20 min levels
      Level 10 - 23 = 30 min levels
  • There will be a 5 minute break every hour.
  • Tables will be broken down from the highest number to the lowest number.
  • Tables will be balanced (Max occupancy - Min occupancy) according to the following variance:
    ** 3 players if the number of running tables > 10
    ** 2 players if the number of running tables is > 2 and < 10
    ** 1 player if the number of running tables is 2
  • In transferring players from one table to another to keep tables balanced, we try to be "as fair as possible" to players to maintain the same distance from the blind after the transfer.
  • The difference in distance from the blind for a player, before and after the transfer, is NOT required to be zero.
  • Players inherit any obligations (taking the Blinds) or receive any benefits (getting the button) when transferred as a result of their table breaking down.
  • Players are dealt in the next hand after a transfer. Players are informed when they are transferred (and when others are transferred to their table).
  • The prize pool and payoff structure for each Tournament is located in the Tournament Lobby as soon as Registration is complete.
  • In addition to any rules posted at a particular tournament or promotion, our Standard Tournament Rules apply to ALL tournaments.

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