The improved PartyPoker.net favorites feature gives you more ways to find the game that’s right with the powerful filtering engine in the form of the Quick Seat search.

You can use your favorites to view a table list, open tables, or even take a seat at one directly. The favorites function is integrated into the log-in screen and the new table too, so you’ll be able to access your preferred game no matter where you are.

We included a few tables we think you might like in the favorites section. Check them out and then find your own.

Use our graphic to find out how the favorites screen works:

You can add a favorite by using the ‘Add favorite’ button at the bottom of the Lobby, by right-clicking on a selected table, or by using the button in the table preview screen. You can edit existing favorites by right-clicking on the one you want to change, selecting ‘Edit’ from the menu which will appear, and then clicking ‘Save’ once you’ve made your changes.

If you want to remove a favorite, simply right-click on the one you’d like to delete in the Quick Seat/favorites Lobby and then choose the appropriate action from the menu which will appear. Alternatively, click ‘Delete favorite’ while in editing your favorite.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll see the Poker Trainer in your favorites: Use it to help boost your game.