Filtering options

The 'Browse' view offers either simple or advanced filtering options that can be visible to a user at all times. When you choose a game type to view, you'll see columns containing information about the games on offer appear in the lobby. Use then to review the tables and find a right one for you.

To navigate through the information, just click a listing in the first column. This will then filter the results shown in the next column, and the table results area below. Repeat this process until you've refined your search to find the table you want. When you select the column, the first table listed will be highlighted. The listings will be sorted alphabetically, numerically, or by date where relevant.

All columns other than the 'Game type' list will let you select multiple rows of information. When you choose a different game type, the column options will change to the ones relevant to your selection. To deselect the information, click on the highlighted rows while holding the Ctrl key.

You can personalize the ‘Browse’ Lobby view by adding or deleting the columns shown when you look at each of the game types. So, if you want to view the stakes for cash games, but not for Sit & Go’s, you can add them to the former and delete them from the latter. Just click the ‘Filters’ button underneath the tabs in the top-right of the Lobby to see the filtering options available for your current choice of game type. You can make changes and save them by hitting ‘Update/save’.

You can drag, resize, sort, and scroll through the column areas. Your filters will be saved as you navigate around the Lobby.

‘Hide full tables'

The ‘Hide full tables’ filtering options allows you to quickly and easily filter all the full table information by showing it as either active or inactive as applicable. This automatically removes irrelevant information from the list of tables, and will remain in place until it is turned off or you select another game type to view.