Keyboard shortcuts

With these shortcuts you can do all the important stuff without even moving your mouse.

Here are the basics:

  • Ctrl + left arrow: fold or check/fold
  • Ctrl + up arrow: check or call
  • Ctrl + right arrow: bet or raise
  • Ctrl + your mouse wheel: changes the size of your bet
Action commands
Fold Ctrl + [left arrow]
Call or check Ctrl + [down arrow]
Bet, raise, or bet pot Ctrl + [right arrow]
Lower bet in big blind increments No Limit Only Ctrl + Shift + [down arrow]
Raise bet in big blind increments No Limit Only Ctrl + Shift + [up arrow]
Submit bet amount Return key or Ctrl + [right arrow]
Min Bet slider tab Ctrl+1
X2 Bet slider tab Ctrl+2
X3 Bet slider tab Ctrl+3
X4 Bet slider tab Ctrl+4
All-in Bet slider tab Ctrl+5
Pre-action commands
Check/fold Ctrl + Shift + [left arrow]
Call any or check/call Limit Only Ctrl + Shift + [up arrow]
Bet/raise or raise any Limit Only Ctrl + Shift + [right arrow]
General commands
Notes Ctrl+shift+N
Rebuy Ctrl+R
Quick Deposit Ctrl+Q
Cashier Ctrl+Y
Chat Ctrl+L
Leave table Ctrl+X
Table resize (Default size) Ctrl+Shift+R
Minimizing the focused table Alt+Spacebar+ N
Maximizing the focused table
(if size is less than max. size)
Alt+Spacebar+ X
Restoring the maximized table which is in focus Alt+Spacebar+ R
Tile Ctrl+Shift+ T
Cascade Ctrl+Shift+ C
Open Similar table Ctrl+S
Open Quick Seat preferences Ctrl+Shift+G
Open Your Favorites Ctrl+F
Fold to any bet Ctrl+Shift+F
Deal me out Ctrl+D
Auto Post Blind Ctrl+A
Muck Losing/Uncalled Hands Ctrl+Shift+L
Auto-rebuy to Max Ctrl+M
Away (Post blind and fold) Ctrl+D

You can even select actions in advance. Don’t worry if you change your mind, though. Just press the ‘Esc’ key before the action hits you or simply select another one.

If this sounds like the way you want to play, or you just want to give it a try, turn keyboard shortcuts on in ‘Table preferences’ and they’ll be available for you on all our tables.