Lobby views

The ‘List’ and ‘Browse’ Lobby views give you two different ways to find the tables and tournaments you want to play:

  • The ‘List’ view uses the traditional ‘tree’ navigation structure which you’ll recognize from many other websites and pieces of software
  • The ‘Browse’ view offers either simple or advanced filtering options that you can turn on and off as you wish to give you the information you need

You can toggle between the two Lobby views using the icons at the top-right of the main tab navigation.

In both views, you choose the type of game you’d like to play using the left-hand navigational area (if visible) and the tabs marked ‘Quick Seat' and ‘Play money’. Once you’ve selected one of these options, you’ll be taken directly to a filtered list showing all the relevant table or tournament information.

You can then sort the results differently depending on which view you’re using. The ‘List’ view lets you choose options from the left-hand navigation; while the ‘Browse’ view lets you use columns to filter your tables.

The Lobby views can be resized by either minimizing the left-hand navigation or by increasing or decreasing the size of the window.

Navigating to a table using the 'List' view


The ‘List’ view’s ‘tree’ navigation structure makes it easy to use. When you select an option, the list will expand to show more relevant information to help you make your choice. The option will be highlighted and the central Lobby area will change to reflect your filters.

You can choose to select any number of listing to filter under the game type you are viewing. Just click on them to select them, and click again to deselect them.

The main Lobby area will update to show you the relevant information as soon as you select an item from the navigation.

Navigating to a table using the 'Browse' view


This view lets you use columns of information to pull up the tables you want in the bottom half of the Lobby screen. Refine your search by selecting filters from left to right in the columns, and check out the relevant tables underneath them.

You can use the ‘Preview’ icon to take a quick look at a table you’re interested. Click it and a small window showing the live action at the table will appear. This icon will be visible when you select a table row,

To go to a table, double-click on the table row, or right-click to bring up a menu that will let you open the table.

If there’s a seat at the table, the waitlist area will be grayed out.

Add tables you like to your favorites either by selecting the table row and clicking the ‘Favorites’ button at the bottom of the Lobby or by right-clicking to bring up a menu which will allow you to carry out this action.