Quick seat

You can now get into the action faster than ever by using our new Quick Seat feature.


With Quick Seat, you find the table that’s right for you by searching using a few simple criteria. You can then view tables, open one, or even sit down straight away. You can save searches that turn up the tables you love by clicking the ‘Add to favorites’ button, giving you even faster access next time you want to play.

There are two types of search. You can carry out a basic search, which is less detailed in order to get you seated as fast as possible, or an advanced search, which gives you lots more options to make sure you sit down at the table you really want. Here’s how they work.

Basic search box

In the basic search box you can choose the game, type of poker, and stakes you want to play. You can then either view the available tables using the ‘Search tables’ button or go to the table that most closely fits your search using the ‘Open table’ button.

Advanced search box

This allows you to use a number of additional search features to refine your request. Again, you can use the ‘Search tables’ button to see what’s available. Unlike the basic search, the advanced search allows you to go directly to multiple tables right away.

The ‘Open table(s)’ button lets you choose how many tables you want to open directly without having to search through long table lists.

Use the ‘Sit down’ button to sit down at a table and select the buy-in you want to pay. This will be deducted from your account as with a normal buy-in, but because it’s done automatically it means you won’t miss out on an open seat at your favorite table. You can choose to sit down at more than one table, but remember to make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover the buy-ins you select.

You can also choose to either be put on a waitlist at a table that matches your search criteria exactly or to sit down immediately at a less perfect match.