partypoker screen name: BrunoGagliasso

Star of Brazilian cinema Bruno Gagliasso has won critical acclaim all over the world for his deft performances, but can he transition that into an unreadable poker face? The 34-year-old will be looking to take on his toughest acting role yet at the partypoker tables where he’ll have to keep his wits about him and not give anything away if he wants to walk out a winner.

Bruno found fame through a host of hugely popular Brazilian films and television shows including Rising Sun, Tropical Paradise and Little Missy. Relatively new to the game, he’ll be relying on his thousands of fans and followers to get behind him and cheer him on to victory as he tries his hand at some exciting partypoker LIVE events. “For me, poker is a new and incredible universe,” said Bruno. “The adrenaline at the tables is huge, and I want to devote a lot to the sport. I'm sure I will continue playing for a long time. Poker has won yet another fan.”

Expect a packed rail for this one!